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Solar energy is clean, renewable and it comes from the sun. People around the world lower their carbon footprint with solar energy from a solar power system.

Our team is ready to assist you on your journey through solar. We cater to individuals and businesses.
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Large-scale solar EPCC

Utility-scale solar EPCC services. Our hallmark service is also our most trusted across ASEAN.

Entities seeking a solar PV project developer, no matter the level or size. Our scope of works include; major turnkey • main developer • main-con • sub-con & more

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Industrial rooftops

Operating heavy machinery? Got a large roof? You’ll love how solar can drive down operational costs.

Suitable for most industrial plants with access to their rooftops. E.g. Manufacturing plants • processing plants • refineries • factories & more

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Commercial rooftops

Ease your monthly commitment with a low-maintenance solar power system and stop the habit of paying for high energy bills.

Suitable for most commercial businesses. E.g. Offices • shop lots • franchises • gyms & more

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Residential rooftops

The best brands at budget friendly prices. Start your solar journey & start saving.

Suitable for most residential / homeowners with access to their rooftops. E.g. Terrace • Bungalow • Semi-detached homes & more

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