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Net Energy Metering (NEM) Year End Promotion for solar PV systems, solar panels and more…

by | 26 Nov 2021

The solar sale is back!

Our NEM Year End Promotion is back and now open to the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector.

With the new NEM RAKYAT and NEM NOVA programs implemented by SEDA Malaysia to boost our nation’s solar adoption, individuals and enterprises stand to benefit from one of the most well-received renewable energy program.

The NEM program allows solar PV system owners to export excess solar energy back to grid which will be offset from your electricity bill, giving twice the savings as you would normally enjoy from a non-NEM solar PV system.

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Promotion period: 1 – 24 Dec 2021

Residential sign ups.

If you’re signing up with us for a new solar PV system during this promotion, you’re eligible for a 10% discount, 1-year FREE solar PV system maintenance care plan (ERS Premium Care).
Residential promotional e-leaflet:

Commercial & industrial (SMEs & enterprises) sign ups.

If you’re signing up with us for a new solar PV system during this promotion, we may just have the right offer for you. Ask us for a complimentary solar assessment for your business today to find out how much solar can help you save!

For non-NEM solar PV systems, consider this double tax exemption relief for businesses when you go solar.

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Commercial & industrial promotional e-leaflet:

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Double tax exemption.

Double tax relief from CAPEX for businesses going solar.

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