Is solar right for you?

No longer
a dirty word.
Green is now good in
more ways than one.

Meet these sustainability goals by going
green from just a single solar power system.

The three
sustainability goals.

We believe that by going green, you’re doing three kinds of good. These cover emissions targets, lowering carbon footprints and producing some savings along the way. We call these sustainability goals, and they’re achievable by everyone.

Efficiency goal.

Good for the ecology.

Coal is one of the most burnt fuel types by fossil fuel plants to generate electricity. However, 65% of the energy is lost during the process of burning.

Wastage and pollution is produced too when a fossil fuel based plant generates electricity. The emissions from these plants are harmful to the ecology.

While a solar power system burns no “fuel”, produces no waste and loses almost nothing in the process of generating electricity. Making it highly efficient (and good) at generating electricity in an eco-friendly way.

Renewables goal.

Good for the environment.

Green energy is better for the environment as it doesn’t consume raw materials mined from our dear planet.

A solar power system takes in solar energy (sunlight) from the sun to generate electricity. An infinite natural resource of energy – causing no harm to the environment.

Sustainable goal.

Good for you.

Paying for ever-rising electricity rates is not sustainable from a financial stand point.

Not when alternative energy offered by solar PV technology, allows less commitment on electricity bills by generating our own electricity. Making it a financially sustainable practise moving forward.


Going green: Sourcing responsibly.
Our engineering team assessing the conditions of a derelict land and the possibility of treatment to rehabilitate the land to be of use once again.

Coal vs Solar

When we burn coal for electricity, it releases greenhouse gases (GHG) which are harmful (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide).

Here’s a comparison of GHG released by coal vs. solar for every unit of electricity produced:

  Coal Solar
CO 5.8 0.0
CO2 9.4 0.0
NOx 3.4 0.0

Tons per year per thousand households

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