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Energy storage.

Energy that’s best
used for later and
suited best with solar.

Energy storage systems –
residential / retail / utility.

Energy storage systems (ESS) suited for building the perfect eco-home, regulate intermittency or to offset EV charging.

Lithium ion
Lead acid
Lithium iron


Self consumption
Export to grid

Energy with
endless possibilities.

Many possibilities could come from having energy stored through an energy storage system.

In a home use case, stored energy during the day could be utilised throughout the evening when there is higher electricity consumption.



On a grid-scale scenario, it could be used to perform “peak-load shifting” to smoothen out the curves. Both scenarios which are impossible to achieve without an energy storage system.
Best paired with solar power.

Imagine storing a system’s batteries on an endless supply of solar power everyday. It could virtually create a cycle of endless charging and at no further cost than a solar power system.

Ways to use the stored energy.

The stored energy could be used to smoothen out a solar power system’s intermittency. On the same principal, perform “peak-load shifting. Other use cases include exporting back to the grid and lastly, for whenever we decide to use it.

Safest in the right technician's hands.

Battery systems pose a high risk and is best handled by trained technicians. We have imported, transported and installed energy storage systems for some of our customers with the highest level of care and safety.

Energy storage.

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