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EV charger solutions.

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Plug-in hybrid & full EV chargers.

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Portable charger all bundled up? Tired of waiting for free bays at public EV stations? Remove the inconvenience and pamper yourself to your own EV charger. No more waiting, no more tangled wires.



EV charging made easy, the way it should be. Here are our EV charging solutions:
Residential or individuals.

For your own exclusive use at home. Or setup a EV charging hub for managed building complexes; apartments, condominiums and more for use only by private residents.

Office & retail.

EV charger solutions suitable for office, retail, hotel and shopping mall sites. Complete with log-in access for usage and occupancy tracking.


EV charging stations setup for company fleet purposes. Fast chargers with solar power system to offset energy consumption while charging.

EV charger solutions.

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How solar power systems work?

Explore the parts of a system and the technology that makes it possible to generate your own electricity.

Topics of interest.

Green no longer is a dirty word.

With the world shifting towards renewable energy, we share the 3 types of good when you go solar.

Topics of interest.

Solar incentives.

There are 2 solar incentives to look forward to as new solar adopters.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for businesses and homeowners.

Double tax exemption relief against CAPEX for businesses only.

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ERS Premium Care.

Maintenance packages for solar power systems.

Topics of interest.

Topics of interest.

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