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Off-grid solar.

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Off-grid solar – for 100% solar or hybrid solutions.

Our off-grid solar solutions would fit you no matter how near or far you wish to have power at.

Reap the benefits of having the sun on your back.

Going for an off-grid solar solution is a conscious driven decision for reasons like a homeowner or agriculture worker looking to be non-reliant of grid power (or lack off).



While at remote islands with no access to the grid, off-grid solar is sometimes paired with a diesel generator to create a “hybrid” system that can help reduce intermittent power cuts and stabilise power around the island.



We’d like to draw your attention to some of the best use cases for off-grid solar below:

Off-grid homes.

For homes to go off the grid and depend on their own sustainable generation of electricity, we offer full off-grid solar power system packages to cover your home’s electrical usage. We will assist you to calculate how much energy your home consumes for our solar engineers to find the right solar power system for you.

During the night, we offer energy storage solutions to keep your home powered through the night without reliance on the grid for power. Energy storage solutions comes in the form of solar battery storage(lithium-ion & lead acid) to store power during the day to be utilized during the night.

Remote work sites

Can’t find a power socket in the highlands when you need one? Then let us get one to power up your electrical devices. We have helped shipped and install off-grid solar power systems specially built for the purpose of enabling remote sites with electrical power like deep forestry farms, remote construction sites, site admin cabins, working crew quarters and more.

Our team has fitted telco towers and radio masts to generate enough electricity to keep monitoring equipment in operating conditions. This small step saves man hours and costs as opposed to sending a team down to investigate a system flag.

Hybrid system.

Off-grid solar power systems are useful for remote places with no access to electrical points. They’re also paired with generator sets, with the solar power system supplying electricity during the day while the generator set takes over at night(hybrid system). Hybrid systems are popular at islands or beaches too.

And lastly, off-grid solar power systems are also employed by home owners who which to be energy independent while not tapping unto on-grid power – making their homes 100% renewable energy

Off-grid solar.

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