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Solar power systems for industrial rooftops.

Do you operate heavy machinery? Have a large rooftop? You’ll love what solar can do with an industrial rooftop.

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Net Energy Metering
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Ground mount

Up to 90%
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Solar leasing

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The industry is seeing the positives of being carbon neutral and drawing up sustainability roadmaps with solar as the key driver.



No longer is solar capital intensive as solar financing solutions are being designed up to meet power purchase agreement (PPA) and solar leasing financing models.
Those huge industrial rooftops.

Solar panels require space, which is amply available on industrial rooftops. With a large surface area, more solar panels can be retrofitted to absorb more sunlight to convert into electricity.

Less is more & more for less.

When a solar power system is sized so large, a significant portion of a plant’s power requirements is equally sustained by solar power. This makes it possible to reduce a plant’s energy consumption even as it expands its production capacity.

Suppliers with green practises.

With solar for industrial now driving down operational costs with the savings it brings, it also brings a more positive brand image as businesses are looking to reduce carbon emissions throughout their value chain.

Solar for industrial.

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To give a brief overview, solar for industrial is a low risk investment which doesn’t disrupt a plant’s operation. Once the solar power system is operational, safety measures are in place to protect both the system and the plant’s electrical boards.

We continue to work with the relevant authorities (e.g. TNB, SESB, SEDA) and the plant’s energy management team to always ensure a safe, transparent and smooth work flow supported by clear method statements.
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With the world shifting towards renewable energy, we share the 3 types of good when you go solar.

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Solar incentives.

There are 2 solar incentives to look forward to as new solar adopters.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for businesses and homeowners.

Double tax exemption relief against CAPEX for businesses only.

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ERS Premium Care.

Maintenance packages for solar power systems.

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