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We’d like to introduce you to the various solar financing options available in the market today.

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While its true that in today’s market, more and more solar financing options are becoming readily accessible with quick approvals. Here are some solar financing options available to you.
Outright purchase

This option is simply buying directly from us with the the payment in full.

Credit card.

Credit card payments are accepted. We accept most credit cards from major financial institutions.

0% instalment plan. Instalment payment plan.

Zero percent instalment plan allows financing a purchase with no upfront payment and instead the purchase will be paid off in smaller amounts over a period of time with some interest added on. An instalment payment plan is mostly similar but with different interest rates.

As different banks offer different solutions based on your credit standing, you have to enquire with your bank on what’s the credit limit and instalment period that’s available for you.

At ERS Energy, we currently have 0% instalment plans with our partners Maybank, CIMB and UOB Bank.

instalment plans

Power purchase agreement (PPA)

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is more commonly found in commercial, industrial or utility-scale solar power system financing. It is here also that solar financing companies come into play as they help remove the high cost barrier of entry into solar, with some companies willing to negotiate for zero upfront capex.

Typically in a PPA arrangement, the sum of the upfront payment is negotiated with the balance paid in full over the length of the contract (20-30 years) at a fixed energy unit rate (we’ll come to this shortly).

The balance is paid slowly then over a few years as the customer pays for the generated electricity (not consumed) at the fixed energy unit rate. It is with this system that a formula can be spun to calculate how long a PPA should last.

A main differentiator between a PPA and solar leasing is that, in a PPA the investor owns the solar power system and are responsible for its maintenance.

Solar leasing

This financing solution lets the customer own a solar power system with no upfront cost and the balance is paid on regular intervals at an agreed fixed sum.

At the end of the agreement (also typically 20-30 years) the system would belong to the customer. This means that the customer is also responsible for the maintenance and performance of the solar power system before and after the lease’s due date.

Solar financing.

Our solar financing partners.

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U-Solar by UOB Bank

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buysolar platform

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Hong Leong Bank

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