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O&M services.

Planning ahead?
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Operations and maintenance,
O&M services for solar power plants.

Plan ahead and secure your investment with solar O&M services to ensure optimal yield and returns.

Nothing surprises us anymore. And that’s a good thing.

Every solar plant comes with its own set of challenges, good thing we’ve had our fair share of surprises throughout our years of operations and maintenance (O&M) field work.



This has trained us to identify any oversight. And when (if any) an operational fault is flagged, we have experienced heads between our shoulders to rectify it.



We manage a good number of solar plants and monitor energy production close to about 2.3 terawatts of clean energy a day. To give an idea on how we run our O&M services platform:-

Safety in transparency - plant monitoring

Our personnel monitor the plant’s energy production through safe measures and transparency is always upheld. Reports reflect the true nature of the plant’s performance leaving no room for nasty surprises later.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

We table a customised preventive and corrective scheduled maintenance regularly. Response times are quick regardless of the level of criticalness. Our remote diagnostics makes it possible for early detection in power operation issues which we counteract with a proper control strategy.

Performance improvement plans

Through our operating data, we are able to propose both performance and safety plans. This creates reliability, improved safety, optimised performance and possibly profitability brought forward for investors as we the years add up.

O&M services.

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