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Solar for businesses.

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Solar power systems for commercial rooftops.

Our low maintenance systems eases energy bills by repurposing commercial rooftops for solar energy generation.

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Net Energy Metering
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Ground mount

Up to 90%
bill reduction

Solar leasing

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We’re all looking to better manage our energy usage from top-level executives, building management personnel to sustainability departments. There aren’t many better alternatives to solar power systems.



Solar repurposes existing commercial rooftops for energy generation with the added benefit that the energy generated has (financial) value.
Repurposing commercial rooftops.

Other than shelter, most commercial rooftops serve little purpose. But by lining up solar panels on them, we’re maximising the potential of what was once an idle structure to now generate electricity for us.

The value of energy.

In the dizzying speeds of the digital age where no business wants to be left behind – 83.6% of SMEs has upgraded their businesses with digital devices and services. The unique value proposition of solar for businesses is you get to generate clean energy, in return (of consuming this clean energy) you’re directly reducing your energy bill.

Deliver more socio-economic value.

Its been reported that 88% of consumers prefer eco-friendly brands because brands or businesses are now thought of as an extension of the consumer’s persona.

Solar for businesses.

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Solar for businesses - Solar power systems on commercial rooftops 3
Solar for businesses - Solar power systems on commercial rooftops 2
To give a brief overview, solar panels are generally roof mounted. For businesses which owns their rooftops, this is an added benefit. For shared roof space however, you’ll require the building’s management approval for solar power system installation.

The solar panels then capture as much sunlight and converts it into electricity through a solar inverter. The electricity from the solar inverter is then fed into the building – ready to use.
Solar for businesses - Solar power systems on commercial rooftops

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Explore the parts of a system and the technology that makes it possible to generate your own electricity.

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Green no longer is a dirty word.

With the world shifting towards renewable energy, we share the 3 types of good when you go solar.

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Solar incentives.

There are 2 solar incentives to look forward to as new solar adopters.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for businesses and homeowners.

Double tax exemption relief against CAPEX for businesses only.

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ERS Premium Care.

Maintenance packages for solar power systems.

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Solar for businesses.

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