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Solar for homes.

Leaving behind
a habit of paying
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Solar power systems for residential rooftops.

Create an eco-home which preserves our environment.
Because every unit of energy our solar generates, thats a tree saved.

Net Energy Metering
Energy Storage Solution

Ground mount

Up to 90%
bill reduction

Now any
home can be

Today’s eco-home incorporates solar power systems for its direct impact on sustaining the environment with the clean energy it produces.



Homeowners benefit from the crisp and natural surroundings while saying goodbye to high commitments every month with cheaper energy too thanks to solar for homes.
Urban living with a smaller carbon footprint.

55% of the world lives in urban areas which causes greater air pollution. With a smaller carbon footprint, we’d be helping reduce that pollution and create a more eco-friendly environment.

Reducing high monthly commitments.

We will pay for electricity for all the days we’re on Earth. So, a reduced bill now adds up to a lot down the years. With the average payback period for homes with solar to be around 3-5 years, all thanks to a reduced monthly bill by up to 90%.

The best brands at budget-friendly prices.

We only offer renowned solar brands which performs well and is of good value. Also, when you work us, you’re getting over 10 years of industry experience on the job. With an dedicated engineering sales and after sales service for any of your claims or questions.

Solar for homes.

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Solar power systems for homes - residential solar rooftop - sustainable eco-home
Solar power systems for homes - residential solar rooftop - sustainable eco-home
To give a brief overview, solar panels are generally roof mounted when we’re dealing with solar for homes – meaning the panels are mounted on the rooftop with the help of mounting structures which holds the solar panels firmly in place (image on the right).

The solar panels then capture as much sunlight and converts it into electricity through a solar inverter (image on the left). There are safeguards to a solar power system, like fuses and earthing to protect the system and the premises’ electrical works (image on the left).
Solar power systems for homes - residential solar rooftop - sustainable eco-home

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How solar power systems work?

Explore the parts of a system and the technology that makes it possible to generate your own electricity.

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Green no longer is a dirty word.

With the world shifting towards renewable energy, we share the 3 types of good when you go solar.

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Solar incentives.

There are 2 solar incentives to look forward to as new solar adopters.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for businesses and homeowners.

Double tax exemption relief against CAPEX for businesses only.

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ERS Premium Care.

Maintenance packages for solar power systems.

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