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Large-scale solar EPCC.

Our hallmark service
is also our most trusted.

Solar PV engineering – Large-scale solar EPCC.

Developing the region’s key large-scale solar projects as a major solar EPCC specialist. Solar PV engineering at it’s finest.

Accumulated experience:

Plant energy managed daily:

Plants commissioned:
> 10

Estimated total projects value:
> $1.7 billion

Engineering and performance that scales with your ambitions.

We’ve been building a sustainability roadmap via key solar renewable energy (large-scale solar) projects in the ASEAN region for a brighter tomorrow.



As an EPCC (or EPC) specialist, it’s our job to deliver outstanding engineering work and safety performance at every level to ensure you achieve your solar ambitions.



Because sustainability is a continuous journey and we’re with you every step of the way.



EPCC = Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.

Solar PV engineering.

Our solar PV engineering team is built on the foundation of over 10 years of solar industry experience, in which the frameworks for a cultured team which prioritizes high quality engineering that doubles down on safety and performance were laid.

Fit for finish.

We have an excellent project-completion track record. But time isn’t the only consideration factor for an EPCC specialist, finesse in financing is also just as important – where our prices are competitive and also having the financing backing to support your endeavour.

More than just an EPCC specialist.

When it comes to large-scale solar projects, we’re primarily known as an EPCC specialist, we also offer other services as:-

  • Owner’s Engineer services.
  • Solar development consultation services.
  • Plant management: operations and maintenance (O&M).

Large-scale solar EPCC.

Our installations
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Solar incentives.

There are 2 solar incentives to look forward to as new solar adopters.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) program for businesses and homeowners.

Double tax exemption relief against CAPEX for businesses only.

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ERS Premium Care.

Maintenance packages for solar power systems.

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solar PV plants.

Over 848 terrawatts
Green energy
produced annually.

464, 436 tonnes CO²
carbon neutrality
achieved annually.

Large-scale solar EPCC.


Over 2.2 terrawatts of clean energy everyday.

  • Plant performance with O&M
  • Plant performance without O&M

Large-scale solar EPCC.

Large-scale solar EPCC.

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