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Solar energy is clean, renewable and it comes from the sun. People around the world lower their carbon footprint with solar energy from a solar power system.

Our team is ready to assist you on your journey through solar. We cater to individuals and businesses.
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Large-scale solar EPCC

Utility-scale solar EPCC services. Our hallmark service is also our most trusted across ASEAN.

Entities seeking a solar PV project developer, no matter the level or size. Our scope of works include; major turnkey • main developer • main-con • sub-con & more

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Industrial rooftops

Operating heavy machinery? Got a large roof? You’ll love how solar can drive down operational costs.

Suitable for most industrial plants with access to their rooftops. E.g. Manufacturing plants • processing plants • refineries • factories & more

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Commercial rooftops

Ease your monthly commitment with a low-maintenance solar power system and stop the habit of paying for high energy bills.

Suitable for most commercial businesses. E.g. Offices • shop lots • franchises • gyms & more

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Residential rooftops

The best brands at budget friendly prices. Start your solar journey & start saving.

Suitable for most residential / homeowners with access to their rooftops. E.g. Terrace • Bungalow • Semi-detached homes & more

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Frost & Sullivan’s Malaysia Solar Power Company of The Year Award.

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Solar energy is changing our approach to many things and making us reenvision our lifestyle, thanks to solar PV technology. Read on to know more about solar energy.
1. Concept of solar energy


Install a solar power system to absorb sunlight.


The system turns sunlight into green energy (electricity).


When you utilize the green energy, you will save on your bill.

2. Consumption models

3 types of consumption models. We use the term “consumption” to distinguish between the different types of system configurations that best suit the way the green energy is consumed. The models are:

1. Self-Consumption (SELCO) Green energy generated from a solar power system is solely consumed within the premises directly into a building with almost no additional setup or add-on devices.

2. Net Energy Metering (NEM) NEM is a time-limited program which allows excess energy to be exported back to the grid and you get credit for. This setup requires a few add-on devices.

3. Energy Storage System (ESS) / Hybrid An ESS setup includes a battery system to store energy (from the PV system or the grid) that can be utilised at a later time or for other purposes.

3. Solar energy incentives

Net Energy Metering 3.0 (NEM 3.0) NEM 3.0 is a solar energy program which encourages solar energy adoption in Malaysia by allowing new system owners to export green energy back to the grid and getting credited. NEM 3.0 has three variants and they are:

NEM Rakyat Designed for homeowners. Successful NEM Rakyat applicants can export excess green energy back to the grid a at 1-to-1 ratio.

NEM NOVA. Designed for commercial and industrial sectors. Successful NEM NOVA applicants can export excess green energy back to the grid and get credited based on the average System Marginal Price (SMP). Credits can also be distributed to different TNB bills under the same NEM NOVA applicant.

Apart from NEM NOVA, businesses can also enjoy double tax exemption when purchasing a solar power system.

NEM GoMEN Designed for government institutions Successful applicants of NEM GoMEN can export excess green energy back to the grid.

4. System maintenance

Self maintenance. It is advisable to clean your solar panels from time to time to ensure optimal system performance. We advise having a systems check-up once every 6 months as it helps to ascertain and improve the performance level of the inverter, cabling and connections.

Subscription based servicing is offered by ERS Energy to all solar power system owners. It covers routine system checks and maintenance by our experienced technicians and can be upgraded to include insurance against damages.


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ERS Energy provides innovative solar engineering solutions alongside customers’ sustainability effort in preserving the environment and improving communities.
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Solar power is the cheapest form of new electricity in most of the world today

Historically in Malaysia, the electricity demand has grown by 2.5% p.a.

 Energy Outlook Malaysia

ASEAN targets 23% RE in energy mix.

 Energy Malaysia

Improved cost savings. 60% of the members are on PPAs.

 RE100 Annual Report 2020

Nearly 80% of consumers indicate sustainability is important for them.

 IBM Institute for Value Business

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I'm interested in a solar power system. Can you help?
Yes. We help customers design and install entire solar power systems. The systems convert solar energy (sunlight) into electricity using solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. As a solar engineering company, we cater to residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale sectors.
Is solar energy legal?

Yes, it is legal to install a solar power system by a certified installer and in accordance to proper solar guidelines. Solar PV technology has been around for years and is now widely utilized due to its affordability. The Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA) is responsible for the development of renewable energy in Malaysia, and we are a registered and certified solar PV service provider on their site.

Do I need local council approval to install solar power system?

You only require local council approval if we deem it necessary to erect a permanent structure for installation purposes. We will discuss arrangements with you before any action is taken.

I heard that I need approval from the authorities to install solar power system. Is that true?

You only require approval from the authorities (e.g. SEDA Malaysia, M.I.D.A., etc.) depending on the consumption model of the system. For example, to be eligible for the Net Energy Metering (NEM) programme, an application must be submitted to SEDA Malaysia. We assist all our customers to apply for the necessary approval and permits.

Can I purchase single items from you?

Yes, you can. We have stock on hand which can be bought off-the-shelf. If we do not carry a particular item you’re looking for, we can source the item for you. However additional cost might apply and will be borne by the customer.

Will ERS Energy provide any engineering certification for our factory rooftop to make sure the roof can sustain the weight and loading of the mounted solar panels?

Yes, we will engage a qualified third-party member to certify the structural drawings that we propose.

What warranties are there?

As an indication, the warranty for solar panels is valid for 25 years whilst warranties for inverters last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Our workmanship warranty is valid for 3 years whereas general electrical components have a 1-year warranty. Bear in mind, the warranty period varies according to model and make.

What happens after you have installed the solar power system?

After a solar power system is turned on, no further action is required on your end as the system is self-regulated with electricity generated automatically fed to your premise. At this point, you might want to consider a maintenance or coverage plan, if you desire so.

How do I maintain a solar power system? Do solar panels require cleaning?

Solar power systems require minimal maintenance. You could purchase a solar power system maintenance package from us or self-maintain by downloading a companion solar inverter app (if available) to monitor your own internet-connected solar power system. We recommend cleaning the solar panels from time to time to remove any stubborn stains or dirt (which could affect yield).

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