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ERS Energy on The Edge Markets | How to finance a solar PV system in 2020?

by | 29 Oct 2020

We thank The Edge Markets for the opportunity to be included in an article on their portal with none other than ERS Energy’s Senior Technical Sales professional, Jacky Hung. The article touches is a melting pot of advise for home owners looking for financing solutions and advise from the solar industry’s players of Malaysia – which makes it worth a read!

Owning a solar power system is no longer a pipe dream for many households in the country. Installation costs have gone down drastically over the years while the government has introduced incentives to help homeowners get a better return on investment.


Banks have also started offering financing programmes specifically for those who want to purchase solar power systems. United Overseas Bank (M) Bhd, for instance, rolled out its U-Solar programme in October last year…

To read the full article, head on over to The Edge Markets.

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Double tax exemption.

Double tax relief from CAPEX for businesses going solar.

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