Is solar right for you?

How tough are solar panels?

by | 30 Oct 2020

I’ve been waiting a long time for this – the day has finally come! A spare defunct solar panel was lying around tempting us to try what a lot of us have wanted to… but never dared to try… walking or jumping on a solar panel. Solar panels take up about 30-40% of your total solar PV system cost – that’s a lot! 

Sooooo, most owners won’t go around stepping on them in fear of damaging them. This video aims to show what happens if we walked or jumped on the solar panel for the sake of science – pushing the boundaries in hope of understanding how much force if required before a solar panel starts to break.

If you’re looking for reliable solar panels, you can always give us at ERS Energy a buzz. We’re pretty well versed on which panels are durable *cough* *cough*. We carry a range of global brands and stocks are periodically replenished.

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