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WEBINAR: Rooftop Solar with ERS Energy & U-Solar by UOB

by | 31 Oct 2020

[UPDATE. 10 June] MIDA will be joining us to discuss “Tax Incentives For Green Technology”. Puan Zulina will grace us with a bonus segment.

Introduction to ROOFTOP SOLAR for BUSINESSES / VENTURES / HOME OWNERS. Find out the latest solar financing plans from U-SOLAR by UOB too. This webinar is FREE.

Discussion by the expert panelists include:

• An introduction to rooftop solar
• Exemplary rooftop solar showcase
• Solar incentives
• Net Energy Metering (NEM)
• Double Tax Exemption
• An introduction to U-Solar – solar financing (by UOB)
• Tax Incentives For Green Technology
• Q&A session

Webinar details:

Date: 12 June 2020
Time: 3-4pm (MYT)
Fees: Free, only sign up required

Panelist / speakers:

ERS Energy – Shi Wei, WOO & Jacky HUNG
Both Shi Wei and Jacky will be hosting and introducing rooftop solar to the viewers and imparting their experience under ERS’ Technical & Business Development team.

U-Solar by UOB – Wasistho SOERONO
Wasistho joins us in introducing U-Solar to the viewers, a solar financing scheme to help businesses / ventures / homeowners uptake solar and is from the UOBS Solar Team.

Malaysian Investment Development Authority – MIDA – Puan ZULINA
BONUS segment. Puan Zulina will speak on “Tax Incentives For Green Technology. The incentives are a key decision maker for some and aims to help the uptake of solar. Find out more in the webinar on the offerings.

Panelist / speakers:

U-Solar was launched by UOB in partnership with the solar industry’s key players. ERS Energy is honoured to be a partner for the U-Solar program. You can read our post about U-Solar HERE.

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) – Malaysia’s cutting-edge, dynamic and pioneering force in opening pathways to new frontiers around the globe. Find out more about MIDA HERE.

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Double tax exemption.

Double tax relief from CAPEX for businesses going solar.

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