Is solar right for you?

What are solar power systems? And how do they work?

by | 30 Oct 2020

  • Learn how solar PV systems work
  • What’s the difference between solar energy and solar power?
  • How do all the components connect and generate electricity from sunlight?

The concept of solar.

The concept of a solar power system is as simple:- as
i) install
ii) generate
iii) save


Install a solar power system to absorb sunlight.


The system turns sunlight into green energy (electricity).


When you utilize the green energy, you will save on your bill.

How solar power systems work.

a. Solar energy.

Solar energy is the light and heat from the sun. Solar energy used by technologies that harness it to produce electricity like solar heating & photovoltaics (PV).

b. Solar panels.

A solar panel is made of many solar cells. When sunlight (solar energy) touches these cells, they start generating electricity. This process is called photovoltaics (PV). Electricity generated from solar panels is called “solar power”.

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c. Solar inverter and combiner box.

Electricity from the solar panels are then sent to a solar inverter. An inverter converts it into usable electricity (AC electricity) and is widely used by most electrical appliances.

Combiner boxes are installed as a safety measure to protect the solar power system and the premises’ electrical distribution board.

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Now it’s ready to be used

The solar inverter will send the AC electricity to your electrical distribution board to be shared with all the plug points in your premise for consumption.

So every time you use electricity from any of the electrical points, you’ll be using the electricity generated from your own solar power system.

Extra #1.

The most appreciated thing about solar power is that it’s both renewable and sustainable. All energy requires a source of power, like how cooking requires heat and fire gives that heat. So fire is the source of power. However, without wood, the fire would go off and we would use more wood to keep the fire alive.

Renewable energy is energy which comes from a source that doesn’t deplete. The sun is the source of power for solar PV systems – the sun never runs out of power. Think of it as now we have an endless supply of wood for cooking.

Extra #2.

Solar power is also sustainable. Sustainable as Merriam-Webster dictionary states is, “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged”. Solar power systems harvest sunlight to generate electricity.

And this doesn’t damage the sun in return as the sun naturally emits sunlight. Making solar power systems an eco-friendly and very practical source of energy. Today over 21 countries have adopted solar power and continue to grow year on year, would you be going solar soon?

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Double tax exemption.

Double tax relief from CAPEX for businesses going solar.

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